Dr. Archer Shares Five Powerful Oral Health Tips on Rogers Daytime

Wheelchair dentist, Dr Natalie Archer appears on Rogers Daytime TelevisionOn Thursday Feb 7th 2013, in Barrie, ON,  Dr. Natalie Archer DDS was live on Rogers Daytime as she detailed five different ways to maintain good oral health.  In her opening statements, Dr. Archer describes the mouth as the 'window to the body', and she stresses how important it is to keep this area clean, and your teeth healthy and free of decay. Proper oral hygiene is an important ingredient in everyone's overall health.  Rogers Daytime Host Melanie Case did a great interview and Dr. Archer really kept the knowledge flowing. The video below shows viewers five easy-to-perform and yet highly effective tactics for maintaining a healthy mouth, teeth and gums.

Five Smart Tips for Better Oral Health

Dr Archer shares five good tactics for maintaining high quality oral hygiene,

  1. Rinse with salt water in the morning to quickly and efficiently kill all the bacteria that accumulates in your mouth and on your teeth during the night.
  2. Use handy floss picks or whatever works and make it a ritual to 'floss all the teeth you want to keep'. Hah!
  3. Make brushing fun with special toothbrushes that have more ergonomic bristle patterns - they're great for kids and people with braces.
  4. Dr. Archer shares a tongue trick to relax all the joints in your mouth - press your tongue against the back of your front two teeth.
  5. Snack on natural foods that increase salivary flow in the mouth.