Hoyer Lift Lets Toronto Dental Clinic Accommodate Seniors And People In Wheelchairs

patient in wheelchair comes to hospital dentistAt Runnymede Dental in Toronto, we work hard and smart to remove physical barriers to dentistry for wheelchair enabled seniors. Our cutting edge clinic has many high tech tools to help ensure each patient’s maximum comfort. But perhaps nothing in Dr Archer’s tool chest is more comforting to patients than her Hoyer wheelchair lifts, which are equipped in each operatory.  These are really nifty human hoists!

This ceiling mounted body lifting device makes it real easy for wheelchair enabled patients to get in / out of their mobile seats, and up and into the dentist chair.  It’s ‘a real delight" as Dorothy heartily attests to "a good feeling to know that nobody is struggling."

But don’t be mistaken, most patients at Runnymede are not in wheelchairs and so they don’t even know the Hoyers exist, waiting at rest overhead. Half or more Runnymede patients come to the facility for regular dental care, but a growing number are now being referred by dentists who can no longer treat them due to physical barriers at their locations i.e stairs, wheelchairs.

Hoyer does its job of transporting wheelchair bound patients into the elevated dentists chair by using a sling. A small blue and yellow canvas sheet is drawn down under the back and bottom of each patient, and then attached at four points to a yoke which makes a cradle. The patient is then easily and comfortably lifted up, out of his or her chair, and up and onto the elevated dentists' chair.  The mechanism then hides away, back up in the ceiling so there is nothing to trip over or even see. The engine and cable suppy is stared away out of sight in the roof above the operatory.

Patient in dentist chair, ready for surgery

raising the Hoyer hoist, wheelchair patient, Hoyer, lift

Patient in dentist chair, ready for dental surgery

making wheelchair patient comfortable in dentist chair

Patient in dentist chair, ready for surgery

Dr. Archer is a leader and advocate for geriatric dental care and strives for excellence in the community at large.