Lipstick Options for Your Skin Tone

So you’ve just had your teeth cleaned, whitened, or had your braces removed. You want to show off your pearly whites don’t you?

What better way than by finding the perfect lipstick shade to complement your teeth and skin tone!

Start by figuring out what your undertones are. You’ll either be warm, cool, or neutral. People with warm undertones look better with gold jewelry, in earthy colours rather than pastels, and their veins have more of a greenish tint. The most flattering hair colours are warm reds, browns, and blondes (with copper undertones)

If you have cool undertones, silver jewelry is more flattering, you can rock bright pastels, your eyes tend to be blue or grey, and your veins have more of a purplish or blue undertone to them. Your most flattering hair colours are cool blondes, browns, and blacks (and shades of red that aren’t too brassy or coppery).

If you’re neutral, you don’t fall under either of these categories (though you may have certain qualities from one or both). Consider yourself lucky - you should be able to wear pretty much anything!

Here’s a more in-depth breakdown to help you figure it out if you’re unsure.

Best shades for Cool tones:

Fair: Choose nude, light mocha, light mauve

Medium: Try rosy pink, pomegranate, and cranberry.

Olive: Select brick red, brown red, or caramel.

Dark: Go for raisin, wine, and ruby red.


Best shades for Warm tones:

Fair: Opt for shell, sand, or nude peach.

Medium: Select bronze, copper, and cinnamon.

Olive: same as cool, actually. all olives should avoid orange reds and pink reds

Dark: Try honey, ginger, or coppery bronze.


Universally Flattering Shades:

Fair: Light brown and pinkish beige,

Medium: Plum and raspberry will play up pink undertones and create an overall glow.

Olive: Light brown and dark berry will give you a sun-kissed look.

Dark: Dark red with a hint of blue and deep plum illuminate darker skin tones.



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