Dentures are removable implants for missing teeth and surrounding gum tissue. There are two types of denture options: complete and partial dentures. Depending on your needs, either can be a fitting choice! Archer Dental can help you with either options.


Instead of having an entire set of new teeth, partial dentures replace missing teeth with implants to give you a complete smile. Partial dentures are teeth implants fixed to a pink gum-like base that clicks into your upper or lower palette. Like a retainer, they are removable and can be easily cleaned this way and can be a great alternative to implants. They are a great solution if most your natural teeth can be kept in healthy condition. 


Complete dentures are for those who need a completely new set of teeth. Immediate dentures are given before a custom set are made to your specifications. 12 weeks after teeth removal, your gums will be healed enough for your a full set of dentures. The professionals at Archer Dental will then walk you through how to take care of your dentures properly to last you a lifetime!