Archer Dental is a Wheelchair Dental Clinic in Toronto

 Hoyer Wheelchair Hoist at Archer Dental Runnymede

Hoyer Wheelchair Hoist at Archer Dental Runnymede

Archer Dental Runnymede is equipped with many amenities and prides itself on it accessibility. This office is specially equipped to help dental patients in wheelchairs.

The wheelchair used to be a great barrier to dentists, and not just because of the access required at the front door, or elevators or inclined planes beside stairs, but because of the necessity inside the dentist's office itself. How to move physically disabled patients up and into a dentist's chair?  This chair is special - it can be inclined and specially lit. The chair is made to create a scenario wherein the patient's mouth can best be transformed into an efficient operating theatre.

Archer Dental Runnymede's clinic is designed for maximum ease and comfort regardless of the patient's physical condition. Hoyer hoists help geriatric dentists move wheelchair patients to and from their dental chair. In many cases, wheelchair dentistry is geriatric dentistry. More proof that life is good at this dental clinic.

Watch this video for a demonstration: