Teeth Whitening

Most people love the look of a bright white smile, and there are many different products and procedures to help you improve the look of yours. Many people are happy with the clean and sparkle they get when they regularly brush, floss and routinely visit their dentist and hygiene team for regular check ups.

  Whitening for an Instagram-worthy smile!

Whitening for an Instagram-worthy smile!


If you have ever thought about and want to get that professional white, then you should look into all your available options. There are several avenues to approach when doing your research into whitening your teeth and increasing the power of your smile, one of the options is our professional dental whitening system, such as Zoom Whitening.

Over time your smile can become discoloured from different foods and drinks including, coffee, tea, wine, and pop.  Tobacco can also discolour your teeth. Before the whitening procedure it is highly recommended that you have your teeth professionally cleaned and a proper oral exam is administered.  This will ensure that all cavities and other oral health issues are taken care of before the whitening procedure.


Professional teeth whitening is fast and effective, it can last a long time if you ensure you follow a good oral hygiene routine, and it is safe.  Come in and talk to us about your options, Archer Dental wants to make sure you are smiling your brightest, because a smile can change someone’s day!